Wattpad Downloader


How to download a story from Wattpad?

You can open the story that you want to download on Wattpad.com and simply change the .com of wattpad.com in the URL to .cc.
Or you copy the URL of the book and paste it into the input field on our page.

Which format should I choose for download?

We provide two different formats. First, the EPUB format and second the HTML.
EPUB is for E-Book reader like Kindle. You can download this and load it on your E-Book reader with a software called Calibre. EPUB also works really well with Apple Books. So if you have an IPhone, you should download EPUB and you can read it with Apple Books.
If you are on another platform like a PC or an android smartphone, you should download HTML. We provide a .html file that you can open with any browser. This contains a complete reader with the offline available story. The reader also gives you the option to change the font, font size and color scheme.


This service is for private use only, do not sell others's downloaded eBooks!
We do not endorse or condone such activity!

Any questions or problems?

Write us an E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks to Feuerhamster and BluemediaGER for the Source